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Sterling Heights Roofing Pros

Roofing Sterling Heights MI

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Welcome to Sterling Heights Roofing Pros! We are a local roofing company, dedicated to providing premium roofing solutions for our community. There’s not a person in this world who doesn’t need a roof over their head. So, our team of roof contractors are here to make sure that can happen, in the most cost-effective and high-quality way possible. Whatever your roofing needs are, our team of experts can do it for you.

About Us

Our team are a group of local roofers who love working in the outdoors, providing our clients with leak-free roofing. We have achieved the name of Sterling Heights roofing specialists through a lot of dedication and hard work. With many years of experience, we bring that extra level of professionalism and knowledge to each of the jobs we complete for our clients. Our clients are our top priority, making sure they are satisfied with safe solutions.

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    Our Services

    We offer a broad range of roofing services, making sure that there is nothing left for a client to look for. We work with asphalt roofing, roof construction, metal roofing installation, roof repairs and replacement, guttering, siding, flat roof houses, and even windows! When you need a reliable roofing contractor that you can trust, we are here for you. If you would like to know more about our services or need to book in for a roofing service, please contact our team.

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    We bring you a wide range of services that run the gamut of home repair, renovation, construction and much more to ensure that no matter the vision you have in mind, we have the know how and experience to turn it into reality. We know that many potential customers are daunted by the potential cost skyrocketing into the unaffordable when it comes to some of these projects, and we are here to assuage you with the knowledge that not only do we bring you industry leading experience and service, but do so at a price point that you can afford. Let's talk! 936-307-0028.

    Roof Replacement
    Roof Repair
    Roof Repair Gutter Installation

    Roof Replacement

    The dreaded words when it comes to roofing – roof replacement! No one wants to have their roof replaced, but unfortunately, it is an inevitable necessity. Whether you have a hail damaged roof, corrosion in a roof, or it is just old and worn down, we can replace it for you. We work with metal roof installations as well as asphalt and tile roofing solutions. Our team can provide you with home, business or garage roof replacement services. We will make sure that your roof is installed perfectly so that it lasts you many decades to come.

    Roof Repair

    If you’ve got a leaking roof, it is generally a sign that you need to get emergency roof repair. Our team are here for all your roof leak repair, flat roof repair and roof restoration needs. Whether it is a flat roof, metal roof, or tile roof repair, we can handle it all as we are the roofing installation specialists. We always recommend getting repair work done as soon as possible because you could be in for some nasty damages if it’s left for too long.

    Gutter Installation

    Your drainage system plays a big role in the functionality of your roof, which is why you need to have a certified gutter contractor, making sure that everything is in check. We are both commercial and residential roofing contractors, specializing in all areas of your roof, including gutter repair & gutter replacement. We can even give your roof an inspection to make sure it has enough drainage points to function properly.

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    man placing the roof tiles
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    Siding Installation
    Window Installation
    Commercial Roofing

    Siding Installation

    Siding is another important element of your roof to help protect your property from the elements, It keeps it safe from water leaks, as well as helps to insulate your home, preventing drastic temperature fluctuations. As we take care of everything related to your roof, we are also known as professional siding contractors. This means that you can have confidence when you engage our team for your siding installation, siding repair and siding replacement. We will provide you with a no-obligation roof estimate, giving you a comprehensive report on the status of your roof siding.

    Window Installation

    While we aren’t a master of all trades, we are pretty close when it comes to roofing. Not only do we do roofs, siding, gettering and repairs, we are also a certified window company. This means we can complete residential window replacement for our clients along with our other services. If you need new window installation or replacement windows, we can help. We can even give you advice to help enhance your house window replacement, making your home more energy-efficient where possible.

    Commercial Roofing

    Being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibilities, and that’s not something that we are able to juggle all on the fly. Which is why our team of specialized commercial roofing contractors offer the option for regular roof inspections. These can identify any issues that are likely to cause damage and have them addressed quickly before they do. We know you can’t risk having your property and its contents damaged by a faulty roof, which is why we recommend a professional roof inspection is taken once a year. Just to be on the safe side.

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    Contact Us Today

    If you need to have some roofing work done, you will want to contact the experts. We will gladly offer you a no-obligation roofing quote, giving you details on the integrity of your roof and what needs to be done to rectify it. We also take photos of the areas of concern, so that we can show you exactly what we plan to do to fix your roof. Our team are looking forward to hearing how we can help you with your roofing needs.

    “I had Sterling Heights Roofing Pros come out and fix my roof after it had been damaged during a storm. They were incredibly helpful and got the job quickly so I could get back to my day. If you need roofing tile repair, I highly recommend them.” - Tom, Michigan

    “Sterling Heights Roofing Pros did my home window replacement, and they were so sweet. They are friendly, and I was delighted to welcome them into my house. I will gladly have them back whenever I need another window replacement.” - Josie, Michigan

    “I was thoroughly impressed with the roof inspection report I got through Sterling Heights Roofing Pros. They really spared no detail and made sure to include photos so I could understand what they were talking about and the areas that needed repairing. Very knowledgeable and professional.” - Corey, Michigan