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Window Installation

man installing the window

Windows give us that positive outlook on life, literally. So the more we have of them, the better we believe! The more natural light we can let into our properties, the more positive we become, even subconsciously. Which is why Sterling Heights Roofing Pros provide window installation services. We have that constant positive energy from working all day outdoors, and we want to share some of that around. By working with both residential and commercial clients, as well as our commitment to satisfying them, we are sure to leave you with a smiling face once the job is done.

Residential Windows

What’s a home without windows? Dark and miserable most likely. But not when you have the handy team at Sterling Heights Roofing Pros around. We love working with our community’s people, offering them new window installations to get that light energy into their house. Whether its to keep an eye out on the kids playing with the puppies in the back yard or to make sure you catch the postman when he’s got the package you’ve been waiting for. One thing is for sure, you are always going to benefit by windows installed by a professional.

Commercial Windows

Besides the aesthetic appeal of windows, there is also the energy-efficient side that our commercial clients love. With the right selection of windows, you can increase your property’s energy efficiency and reduce noise pollution at the same time. In addition to these benefits, you can also have them tinted or mirrored, allowing you to see out but others can’t see in. This is an important feature for businesses who like to keep their privacy. We can help guide you to the right selection for your property, making sure it has all the features you need in a window.


Installing a window can be tricky when you don’t know what you’re doing. The measurements have to be exact to allow for proper sealing, not allowing any air to pass through the cracks. You also have to be exceptionally delicate with the glass, as you would know. Our team at Sterling Heights Roofing Pros has installed many windows in various properties, positions, and designs. We are familiar with it all, so whenever you need to have a window installed at your property, don’t think twice. Come straight to our team of professionals for a window installation you can depend on.


For the most part, windows last a really long time. The main reason our clients approach us for window replacements is when there has been accidental window damage. Whether it be from a stone when mowing the lawn, a ball from the kids playing outside, or some other event, you want to get it fixed quickly. Not only can it be a security issue for your home, but it can also drastically impact your ability to keep the temperature of your property consistent. Our team understands that window replacements are urgent, so we do everything we can do get them done for you as soon as possible.

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